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Respiratory Equipment

There is a wide range of respiratory products and services available from EspriGas. We’ve supplied a quick guide to some of the main products and services.

Stationary Concentrators

The most cost effective way to deliver oxygen to patients. Suited for the non-ambulatory patient who does don't require high flows.

Respiratory Therapist

When you need clinical support, TMG can help. We have on-demand RTs ready to serve your high acuity patients.

Transfill Systems

Newer technology that eliminates the need for delivery services.   A concentrator is used to fill portable cylinders.  Great for servicing several potable patients from the same unit.

Portable Concentrators

Newer technology that eliminates the need for delivery services.  Great for the active patient and those who like to travel.


We offer a variety of breathing assisted devices from all the major brands..   Based on the patients need, the appropriate device can be selected.


Based on the capabilities of the local staff, a variety of high tech systems can be provided to support this critical care segment.

Don't See Your Equipment Listed?

Don’t See Your Equipment?

This is just a small selection of the equipment we supply at EspriGas. Get in touch and we’ll find the right product for the job.

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