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TMG provides gases for several different industries, including healthcare, construction outlets, beverage and sporting good stores. Find the gases you’re looking for in our guide, which describes the various gases we provide for each of the industries we serve.

Proven Expertise

If you’re in the restaurant or hospitality industry, you’re almost certainly only after one specific gas: CO2, to carbonate soft drinks and beer.

Keeping You Tweet-Worthy

Due to the unpredictable nature of the entertainment industry, you need to know you can get the gases you need quickly to avoid delaying your customer. EspriGas is a national gas supplier that is an expert at delivering the products you need, on-time across the country. Whether it's a standard product or something extraordinary, we are uniquely positioned to supply your needs.

Proven Expertise

If you’re in the government contracting industry, you’re almost certainly after a supplier that can reliably meet all of your diverse needs under one roof.

Proven Expertise

The healthcare industry remains one of Espri’s largest and growing client bases. We’ve built a reputation for supplying this vital industry with the gas it needs without delays or interruptions that could interrupt the important work being done every day.


Please refer to this video for how to change the tanks on a Manifold System:

Proven Expertise

From cylinders for scuba diving, to bulk CO2 for filling up air pistol cartridges, the sporting goods sector has a growing need for quality gas supplies.  

We’re experts at supplying large chains with many outlets that need relatively small quantities of gas. Where other companies often treat retail customers as small fry, we’ll make you the big fish, ensuring you’re treated right each and every time.

We're Not Your Father's Gas Company

The wholesaler industry has a widespread need for quality gas products, and due to the unpredictable nature of the business, you need to know you can get the gases you need quickly, to avoid delaying your customer. You're in good hands with us. We've been supplying the wholesale market for over 20 years. In fact, we're so well known in this industy you would be hard-pressed to find a distributor that isn't using our services. 

Member of a buying group? We are also a preferred supplier for nearly every buying group in the industry!


Don't See Your Industries Listed?

Don’t See Your Industry?

We’re not limited to only supplying certain industries. If you need help with your gas supply, whatever your industry…

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