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Carbon Dioxide


CO2 or carbon dioxide has a plethora of uses across multiple industries. Drink manufacturers use it to carbonate sodas. It’s used on construction sites as a substitute for sandblasting to remove old paint. Doctors use CO2 as a respiratory stimulant and medical facilities use dry ice (solid CO2) as a cooling agent.

CO2 is available in three forms: cylinders, liquid cylinders and dry ice (solid form). The liquid form can be supplied in bulk.


For large volumes where you can install pipe from the tank to the use point. They may look like simple farm silos, but there is a lot of technology at play to keep this product stored at cryogenic temperature.


Cylinders are the most common form of delivery for gases. For small quantities or for areas where it is not practical to run piping, cylinders are the mode of choice.

Dry Ice

Dry ice is most commonly used as a disposable refrigerant to cool and ship frozen food and medical products. Dry ice is available in multiple forms including pellets, blocks and sheets.

Liquid Cylinders

As volumes grow, Liquid cylinders offer the ability to store larger quantities of gas in a smaller footprint.

Micro Bulk

A great option for the large volume client who is not ready to install a large bulk tank system. This removes the high cost of handling high pressure cylinders.

I like that I rarely get calls anymore with complaints about our gas supplier.

Timothy P. Welch
American Refrigeration Supplies