Our People

When we hire our people, we’re searching for four key personality traits:

  1. We’re looking for folks who are friendly and competent
  2. We’re looking for givers, not takers
  3. We want people who are consistently focused on learning
  4. We want people who want to work in an environment where job titles aren’t important

In fact, at EspriGas, we don’t have job titles on our business cards. If you work for us, we want you focused on serving the customer or helping a colleague that is serving a customer. That’s a core value here. It’s why our sales reps are paid, in part, according to how they serve existing customers, not just how many new accounts they sign up. And it’s why our supply chain experts are always focused on making your gas supplies more streamlined, efficient and cost-effective.

Check out the short video below for a short message from our CEO, Michael D. Walsh, on the importance of our people: